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          在背阴面学院,我们指望的父/子关系,以帮助我们的学生往前走感觉完全支持。它的原因之一 Blue & Gold Fund Parent Volunteer Program 对我们校园的日常运营非常重要的。我们的父母的参与对我们做什么作为社会学科带头人的成功至关重要。

          As a Blue & Gold Fund parent volunteer, you'll partner with the Alumni & Development Office to ask fellow parents to join you in supporting SSA. Parent volunteers attend one night support drives bi-annually as well as act as a liaison between the 校友 & Development Office and Shady Side 父母. 



          Blue & Gold Fund 支持 Drive

          Volunteers are vital to the success of the Blue & Gold Fund. Whether you live nearby or far away, have a few hours or a few minutes to give, we welcome your help. It is a wonderful way to connect with others in the SSA community through emails, phone calls, texts or letters.



          Grandparents & Special Friends Day

          Join the Blue & Gold Fund in greeting grandparents and special friends at each campus.

          Blue & Gold Fund Parent Representative

          Share the vision and purpose of the Blue & Gold Fund with other parents. Encourage others to volunteer their time at one of the Blue & Gold Fund events.


          The Blue & Gold Fund hosts a Parent Participation Challenge annually at all four campuses. Your unrestricted Blue & Gold Fund gift made at any time before the end of the challenge will count toward participation for your students' grade(s). The class at each school with the highest parent participation will be awarded a prize in the spring. 


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