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          志愿为背阴​​面学院是校友保持连接到学院和支持我们的使命非常有益的方法。我们的计划是通过时间和奉献的志愿者人才大大增强。对以下任何志愿者活动信息,请联系艾丽西亚·巴恩斯,年度和企业捐赠官员,在 abarnes@shadysideacademy.要么g 要么 412-968-3017.



          Blue & Gold Fund 支持 Drive

          Volunteers are vital to the success of the Blue & Gold Fund. Whether you live nearby or far away, have a few hours or a few minutes to give, we welcome your help. It is a wonderful way to connect with others in the SSA community through emails, phone calls, texts 要么 letters.


          The Alumni & Development Office works with each reunion class to assemble a committee to serve as voices for their peers throughout the year of the reunion. Committee members are involved in the initial brainstorming phase, building enthusiasm for attending the reunion, planning a variety of activities and leading the class giving effort. The committee communicates with each other and the 校友 & Development Office via email, conference call and in-person (when possible) throughout the reunion process starting as early as the winter bef要么e the reunion.

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